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The Rainbow

Today I was working with a young student on a piano piece called "The Rainbow". The rain storm had just stopped, and we were enjoying finishing the last few measures of the song. And then.....we both saw it..... Right outside our window, as clear and bright as it could possibly be, a beautiful rainbow appeared. I had never seen such a perfect rainbow before, where you could distinguish every single color, perfectly shaped, and visible from one end to the other. We couldn't believe it! What are the odds of working on a piece called "The Rainbow" and at the same time seeing the most beautiful rainbow nature could ever create??!! It didn't last long, but the impression it left behind became such a spontaneous and precious source of motivation and inspiration. Nature and music.....combined.....having a conversation.....spreading their gifts.....

The image above is of the actual rainbow! Isn't it amazingly beautiful??!! you notice the "double rainbow"?!

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