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Our Experience Works for You

With decades of experience and investment in music education, you can rely on our judgment.

We know what it takes to bring you the best, and we won’t settle for less.

Only the Most Qualified Instructors

Quality, not Quantity:  You won’t see a huge list of instructors at Odeion, only a short list of the very best.

We carefully select our instructors after a comprehensive, highly competitive interview and selection process.

Education & Experience:  Every Odeion instructor possesses an advanced degree in music and extensive performing experience, as well as a demonstrated commitment to and passion for teaching. All of these criteria are essential for providing the highest quality music education.

Support & Dedication:  We provide our stellar instructors with the guidance and resources necessary for them to give their all to their students, all the time, so you know they are always at their best.

An Individual,  Personal Touch

Every student enrolled in private lessons receives instruction especially tailored to meet the student’s needs, desires, and goals. We treat each student as a unique individual, and our personal touch brings out the best in students, regardless of age, level, or experience.

An Engaging,  Dynamic Environment

Focused and Creative:  Odeion instructors engage every student’s specific interests, and develop the student’s self-motivation. No rote memorization, boring drills, or “doing what the teacher says”.

Interactive:  Odeion students are actively involved in their music education within a structured, interactive learning environment. They develop musical skills and abilities, but they also engage the creative process, and they discover new interests while exploring and expanding their creative selves.

Great References


Our students honor us with the greatest compliments they can give: trusted recommendations to friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues.  If you would like to speak to current students or parents about their experience with Odeion, please contact us. Our students are happy to discuss the quality of their experiences with us.

We Make it Easy for You

We understand that our students lead busy lives with school, work, and family commitments, so we provide both the consistency and the flexibility necessary to accommodate your needs.

  • Easy scheduling.

  • E-mail reminders.

  • Same day cancellations.

  • Monthly automatic billing.

  • Lessons always start and end on time.

  • Make up lessons for those days when nothing goes right.

  • Substitute instructors so you don’t have to alter your schedule on our behalf.

From Beginners to Professionals

Beginners:  Many of our students and their families are new to music. We offer a structured, accessible approach to music that emphasizes the fundamentals, and lays the groundwork for a lifetime of music appreciation.

Intermediate:  Odeion offers intermediate students the opportunity to continue to expand their skills and to challenge themselves to work toward mastery of key musical concepts.

Advanced:  Odeion provides advanced students with challenging opportunities to perfect important skills and to delve deeper than ever into the world of music.

Professional Coaching:  Amateur and aspiring professional performers and professional musicians have special needs. Whether you are pursuing a career in music as a performer, are an accomplished amateur performer, or are an advanced student of music interested in maximizing your talents, Odeion’s instructors have the academic background, in depth knowledge, and performance expertise to help you achieve your goals and rise to the next level.

Offering the Choice of Just a Monthly Commitment

Odeion offers the choice for individual lessons on a month-by-month basis rather than requiring students to commit to several months or an entire year of lessons. If a longer time commitment is not for you, you have the choice to enroll for one month at a time. Students who enroll at Odeion have such a great experience, that month after month, year after year, they keep coming back by choice, not by obligation.

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