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The Grand Piano

It is an older piano, a 1930’s Adam Schaaf. I originally bought it in 2002 and had it at my home. When I opened Odeion in 2006, I had it moved to the school. Back then we were located across the street from where we are now. Those of you who had been there should remember that older space with all the vintage details… The piano fit right in! In 2009 we were getting ready for the grand opening of our new location. Working day and night in order to have the space ready by November 1, me and my team of helpers were having a 2:00am break and throwing around different ideas. Somebody looked at the piano and said: "We need to do something about THAT… What if we have everyone sign it at the grand opening?" I was mortified. Write on my vintage ivory-gold piano?? With permanent markers??? That was out of the question! Well…on Sunday, November 1, 2009, an hour before the opening and with a trembling hand, I was the first one to sign the piano. Today we have hundreds of signatures from students, parents, instructors, performers, guests, and visitors from all over the world.

A couple of notes:

~ Please do not do this at home.

~ No, the piano is not for sale.

Come visit Odeion and add your name on our vintage grand piano!

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