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Greek Music Academy

Odeion School of Music  offers a variety of musical instrument studies from Greece, Middle East, and Balkan music, as well as Traditional Music Theory an Odd Rhythm studies.  

throughout the Greek Music workshops and private lesson studies Students will learn how to play and improvise as professional musicians and singers, how to be band leaders, songwriters, composers, and producers. 

Registration open all year

Classes :

Bouzouki, Baglama

4 strings, 3 strings

Traditional Rhythm Guitar

Chords, Melody, Rhythms

Greek Lute (Laouto)

Chords, Melody, Rhythms


Touberleki, Bedir, Cachon 

12-String Guitar

Chords, Melody, Rhythms


Rebetiko, Laiko, Nisiotiko, Paradosiako, Entehno, Contemporary, Art Songs

Traditional & Popular Greek Music Theory

Modes System, Odd Meters, Traditional Rhythms, Tetrachords, Dromoi



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