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Jazz Academy

Odeion School of Music offers a 2-year Certificate Program in Jazz Studies for anyone who wants to become a Professional Musician in the Jazz field and begin his/her carrier in one of the most Historical Jazz Cities. 

Throughout the 2-year studies students will learn how to read, listen, and play as professional jazz musicians, how to be band leaders, composers, and educators.  An audition is required for joining the program.

Prerequisites : 2 years of studies in your instrument of choice, knowledge of basic Theory Elements.  and a good sense of rhythm.

Fall Semester:  Sep-December

Spring Semester:  Jan-May

Summer Semester:  June-August

Classes :

Jazz Theory

4 Semesters

Jazz History

2 Semesters

Form Analysis 

2 Semesters


4 Semesters

Jazz Ensemble

4 Semesters

Private Instrument Instruction

4 Semesters



Sax Player
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