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I am Eftihia Papageorgiou, founder and owner of Odeion School of Music, and I want to welcome you to our school

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The Story

Odeion School of Music opened its doors in Skokie on November 1, 2006. Initially, the school was located right across the street from our current location.  It was a small, cozy storefront with vintage character and details, and it welcomed students of all ages, levels, and musical interests. In 2009, Odeion was growing rapidly and the space was too small for our needs. On November 1, 2009 we opened our new location on 4115 Oakton Street, still in Skokie.  


When I first opened Odeion - a dream and goal of mine since I finished college - I made a promise to myself: Odeion was going to be primarily a "school", and secondarily a "business". That meant that Odeion's primary responsibility was to offer a high quality educational environment regardless of the cost. It also meant that I was obligated to invest time and energy into getting to know every single student, his/her goals, needs, and desires, and then design the best possible music education plan for the particular student. On Odeion's website we mention that "Odeion offers an individual, personal touch". Yes, it does! The very first day I opened Odeion's door, I promised myself that I will never forget that each student who walks through that door is a unique individual, with unique talents, and each student deserves that "personal touch" in order to discover, engage, and cultivate his/her musical abilities.


Sixteen years later.....Odeion is still going strong! We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of students, and I can proudly say that our students have flourished in our engaging and dynamic environment. When I reflect on the past 16 years, I see some of the best instructors out there who have offered their excellent teaching skills to our school, I see committed parents who believed in us, and I see students who gave their best and received outstanding music education. I am proud of Odeion!!!


Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt "Thank You" to all of you who have supported us throughout the years and who have joined us in MAKING MUSIC!!! 

~ Eftihia Papageorgiou

    Odeion Director

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