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Welcome to Odeion!  

Take a tour of our space

Our reception area is a warm and welcoming space where you can inquire about all our music programs, and you can meet our instructors.

It is also a comfortable waiting area, decorated with photos of our students from various events and performances.

Odeion includes several teaching rooms, all fully equipped with pianos, drum sets, and all the necessary music gear for private lessons and group classes.

Our largest room has a beautiful vintage grand piano, a custom made harpsicord, and large windows that overlook our busy Skokie neghborhood.

All our rooms are beautifully decorated with musical theater art work, as well as precious posters featuring our students, instructors, and guest performers.

The school's hallways also serve their purpose.    

A large window overlooking our large room allows parents and visitors to observe various classes and workshops.

A very convenient area in the back with desks gives students who are waiting the opportunity to do their homework, and parents can surf the web.

One of the coolest things about our space is the versatility that it provides.  The large room is the perfect venue for intimate recitals.  We hold a variety of performances at Odeion, and everyone raves about the acoustics of our recital room.

Our recital room holds seats for 40 guests.  It is available to rent for your special event.  If you like a vintage style combined with modern lighting, then this is the place for your needs.

Musical performances are not the only events that take place at Odeion. Our space is suitable for all types of artistic happenings, such as gallery exhibits, poetry readings, lectures, workshops, receptions, and more.

Holiday events are a big hit as well. We can transform our space with a variety of themes, whether it is for a Christmas gathering, a Halloween party, or a graduation celebration.

Book your event at Odeion!  Or come to one of our events!  All ideas are welcome, and we always do our best to accommodate the requests of our guests.

Odeion's Grand Piano is a definite conversation piece. A 1930's ivory and gold antique has become everyone's favorite since it features the signatures and messages of everyone who has visited our school, including students, parents, teachers, musicians, guest performers.....they were all honored to sign our piano.  Come visit us and add your name on our grand piano! often do you get to write on a piano with a permanent marker?

The action does not stop inside our walls. Our creative brains constantly come up with all sorts of ideas for outdoor activities. One of our most popular ones was our Singing Protest against the bitter cold weather during an unforgettably long winter. 

Feel free to come visit Odeion !

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