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The Music Room is the online learning platform of Odeion School of Music. Through this platform you can take lessons on any instrument you wish as well as all classes offered by our school that are conducted in person without compromising any of the benefits and qualities of in person instruction. On the application form you can find all our lesson offerings, instruments, classes, and tuition rates. Fill out the application form and your registration process will begin!

online lessons 

Online sessions are available for all our current students as well as new students. Take the time to practice more and keep learning! Odeion is offering a flexible schedule including morning, afternoon, and evening online lessons. Contact us today to book your time and let's continue to enjoy all the activities that bring pleasure to our lives!




1. Internet connection.

2. Zoom ,Skype, Messenger, or Viber account.

3. A webcam and working microphone.

4. A cheerful attitude!

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