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Odeion School of Music was founded by Eftihia Papageorgiou in 2006 

Odeion's approach to music education is based on

discovery        inspiration        enrichment

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We want our students to discover the wonder of music and open doors to new ways of feeling, thinking, and living. Embarking on a path of self-discovery with a new window to the world, they begin a journey that will last a lifetime.


As our students discover the beauty of music, we challenge them to find and embrace inspiration in music and artistic expression, and in so doing to be inspired to pursue their passions and reach new heights in all areas of their lives.


Through the discovery of music and the search for inspiration, we lead our students on a path to rich, rewarding, creative, successful lives, which results in a lifetime of confidence, fulfillment, and enrichment through music.

Studio Microphone
Stage Setup
Individually Tailored Lessons


Our individualized, one-on-one approach to music lessons is the key to our success and the success of our students. Every student enrolled in private lessons receives instruction specially tailored to meet the student’s needs, desires, and goals.  We work directly with students and parents of students to select an instructor and to establish an appropriate course of instruction. By assisting students with determining their musical interests and assessing their level of skill and knowledge, we develop individualized, challenging but obtainable goals.By taking the time to get to know our students, our carefully selected instructors are able to draw on a variety of methods of music education, including technical, expressive, and improvisational techniques, to bring out the best in our students, regardless of age, skill, or experience.

Dynamic, Collaborative Workshops
& Challenging Classes


Odeion offers a variety of exciting workshops and group classes, from beginning to advanced, that represent a unique learning opportunity for students of all ages and all levels of skill and education. Workshops and group classes are a great opportunity to break new ground by collaborating with peers and drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our talented instructors.



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